July 2006

The Future Transformation of Grand Prairie

It’s a simple thing, transformation. It’s not complicated. It doesn’t require men and women to become super geniuses and strategists. Shady Grove Church moved to its new location at the beginning of June. I have noticed that this is a season of community building. Families far and wide are moving closer to the new building to participate in the growing community of Shady Grove. God has plans and purposes beyond our ability to track. Highway 161 is being extended from Hwy 183 (Airport Freeway) to Interstate 20. That means freeway access running through the heart of Grand Prairie. It means […]

Conflicting Views of Israel

It seems that Israel cannot be mentioned without some comment about conflict or war. To many poorly educated people, this fact seems proof of Israel’s fault. After all, one country with so many enemies cannot be in the right, can it? I am not Jewish, but I respect and honor the Jewish people. And no, the conflict does not prove Zionism or any other far-fetched scheme. It boils down to religious differences that stem from a family feud. Arabs tend to hate Jews and Jews tend to look down on Arabs. This is where Biblical history plays an important role. […]

Dressing for Church

It occurred to me the other day that I wear different styles of clothing to church based upon my expectation of the service. When I first accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior ten years ago, I began attending church in a t-shirt and jeans because they were all that I owned. I found that I could engage more completely in worship because I had no expectations of being viewed by other people as cool or attractive. I was able to leave my self image at home and participate with total focus. As I should have expected, that reality did […]