June 2006

Michael Cordova

Today I witnessed what a funeral service should be. I left that service celebrating the life of a wonderful man of God. We shared funny stories, touching memories, and a sense of honor for a man who faithfully humbled himself and served in any capacity needed. I hate funerals. I hate the dismal feelings. I hate wondering if the family feels hopeless. I hate wincing at the words of the pastor as he shares some good intentioned words of pathetic inspiration and “comfort.” To put it plainly, I hate it when people put on airs for anything, including honoring and […]

Dallas Mavericks Rise to Stardom

It’s like the first rain after a 25 year drought that no one really realized was a drought until it was over. Millions of Cowboys fans and Stars fans have been sated over the years with a championship here or there. They carry the pride that comes with knowing that their team had what it takes and probably still would were it not for ownership and upper management bungling (sorry, how did that get in here?). Texas Rangers fans, on the other hand, know what we’re going through. They might not see a World Series in their entire lifetime at […]

The Cell Microchip

It’s the future, and it’s happening now. Everything from the already legendary and much anticipated Sony Playstation 3 to Toshiba televisions to supercomputers, The CELL has been dubbed by Forbes magazine as the “microchip of the future.” It’s big time, folks. This chip has the potential to deliver movie-like video games and interactive tv. Its greatest challenge? Its own prowess and super powers. The problem lies in its advanced technology. How many companies have designers skilled enough to take advantage of its capabilities? How many companies will invest in a chip that may not be compatible with lesser systems? Is […]

Dallas Mavs face the Miami Heat

It’s a matchup I could have only dreamed. My Dallas Mavericks are set to face the Miami Heat on Thursday. Not only is it Dallas’ first time to the big dance, and not only did we defeat San Antonio in the playoffs (oh, how sweet it is!), but I don’t have to watch Detroit play another game this season! It doesn’t get much better than that. I’ve never been a Pistons fan. Ever. I’ll take Shaq, Dwayne Wade, Alonzo Mourning, Gary Payton and the worthless Antoine Walker any day, as long as I don’t have to see a single irritating […]

Last Comic Standing Might Save Reality TV

The key word there is might. It’s at least a better show than Survivor or Big Brother 29 (how many times can you do the same stupid thing and make a profit?) At least here we have the chance to laugh. Okay, maybe you prefer watching people behave like selfish, spoiled, deceitful brats. That’s fine, really… you’re just proving the flaws of the American educational system. Eventually, the Last Comic Standing show will turn into the same soap operish slutfest that every other reality show becomes. Sadly, it appears to be the nature of the beast. Maybe the comedians won’t […]

Where are the Mavericks on TV?

It’s time for game what, five? Were it not for the kindness of my wife’s coworker, I wouldn’t have seen a single game of this series against Phoenix. Some of us aren’t rich. Some of us don’t blow money on cable when we can’t even buy ourselves new clothes. And yet the Mavericks somehow manage to play exclusively on TNT for this entire series. Can someone explain this to me? I am a huge fan… no… a HUGE FAN. But I don’t get to watch them play unless I can find someone to mooch off of. Where’ s the reward […]