May 2006

Anna Sova Paint: The Solution to Toxic Exposure

If you have time and the ability to read this website, you probably have the money to follow my instructions. Those of you who literally visit your local public library just to have internet access do not qualify. One of my biggest beefs with my parents’ and grandparents’ generations is that they seem to take for granted that conventional wisdom is indeed actually wisdom. They scolded children for following the crowd into misbehaving yet believed it a virtue to follow the conventional wisdom of others without question. The lack of critical thinking can play a significant role in pregnancy and […]

Support Amnesty International in Darfur

Join actor Don Cheadle and Amnesty International and demand justice for these crimes against humanity. According to, Since 2003, thousands of women and girls have been raped or subjected to other forms of sexual violence in Darfur Two million civilians have been forced to flee their homes and over 200,000 remain in refugee camps in Chad The International Criminal Court (ICC) is investigating crimes in Darfur. It now recognizes serious crimes of violence against women as crimes against humanity Yet authorities in Sudan have publicly refused to cooperate with the ICC or bring those responsible to justice before national […]

The Dark Side of Dramatic Testimonies

I grew up in a charismatic church – not Pentecostal nor Assemblies of God – but charismatic nonetheless. I remember sitting in my chair, listening to the elder who oversaw the missions department. He briefly shared his testimony – explaining the life he lived before accepting Christ and the life after. I heard of drugs, hippie lifestyles, and rebellion against authority. I think his goal was to impress upon us that God can radically transform even the “worst” of sinners. He probably wanted everyone to see that if he could be forgiven of his sins, then they were eligible for […]

Introducing The Fray

It’s official: one of my favorite bands must be shared with the rest of the world. It was November, 2005. I was brand-spankin’ new to MySpace. Randomly browsing people’s profiles, I came across someone playing “Over My Head (Cable Car)”. I was entranced. Honestly, I hadn’t been moved by a song like that in quite some time. Immediately, I found The Fray on MySpace and added their song to my profile. Then I wrote a blog endorsing them and Radiant – one of my other favorite new bands. My blog received 200+ views per day, and I was spreading the […]

What to Do About Illegal Immigration

Texans are hot over immigration. Demonstration after demonstration from both sides of the issue prove that this is not a topic that can be ignored. Strange, how a topic can go largely undiscussed for decades and then explode onto the scene as a major political and communal issue. Where did this all begin? Who knows. All I know is one day I am wondering why President Bush hasn’t done more to stop illegal immigration and the next I am watching thousands of Hispanic students demonstrating in downtown Fort Worth and Dallas. Why are they demonstrating? I didn’t have the opportunity […]

First Annual Shrub Day

The first annual Shrub Day was a smashing, though a bit prolonged, success! Two and a half days of labor and deliberation wrought a beauty our little house never thought possible. Grinning from chimney to gables, our little house was delighted at its extreme makeover. For two years, my wife and I have lived in a house that looks much better on the inside. The outside wasn’t hideous, mind you. No, it was just plain, bare, and altogether uninteresting. I had not realized how uninteresting until I noticed how many neighbors were suddenly waving as they passed by. Apparently we […]