April 2006

Memories of Copenhagen

Every now and then, I miss Denmark. Not the whole experience, but some of the people, the Albertslund kollegium, and downtown Copenhagen (Kobenhavn). These photos are of the main walking street in Copenhagen. It’s called the “Stroget” in Danish. Good times on the Stroget. Many of my positive memories came from walking up and down Copenhagen. It was an adventure. Around every corner, a new discovery waited. Daytime was better than night, though. All the stores close around 6pm. The only places I saw open later were bars, discoteques, and Burger King, of all places. It was a morbid and […]

To Write or Not to Write

Once upon a time, I thought, If only I could just have the time to write, I would start a book and complete it in my spare time. Of course, that book remains unwritten. The spare time remains unused. Something always manages to fill the gaps of time. Next, I thought, If only I could get a job as a junior writer somewhere I could work my way up to the big leagues. That was before I realized there are no big leagues. Sure, there are lots of people making great money and getting great exposure, but most of them […]

About a Boy – Movie Review

Somebody said that no man is an island. Will couldn’t disagree more. “In my opinion, all men are islands. And what’s more, now’s the time to be one. This is an island age.” He’s a moderately rich guy who has never had to work a day in his life. He lives off the royalties of one famous song his father wrote. He lives by himself, for himself. “I am an island. I am bloody Ibiza!” Then there’s Marcus, a twelve year old boy whose depressed, hippy, tree-hugger, single mom attempts suicide. No father around to pick up the pieces. He […]

Saves the Day saves the day

I recently read about trials and tribulations of Saves The Day at I first heard about the band from this cool guy named John that I met in Albertslund, Denmark. It was 2001, I was studying for a semester in Denmark, and I met a fellow student with long blonde hair from Ohio. It seems like everything not Vegas, California, or New York comes from Ohio. Salt of the earth, I suppose. Anyhow, John is the kind of guy who makes friends quickly and is easy to get along with. We started talking about music, he mentions his favorite […]

Special Moments in Marriage

There are simple joys to marriage that I didn’t count on. They are pleasant surprises, especially since there are common difficulties that I didn’t count on either. My wife and I do not have children yet, so we are still in this quasi-newlywed phase. No, we’re not gooey in public like some newlyweds. But there are times when it just feels great to be a married adult. Believe it or not, one of my favorite moments is in church. Heather and I have a special bond when we are in a worship service. She frequently leans her head to rest […]