April 2006

Drilling for Oil in the 21st Century

In the 1950s, drilling for hydrocarbons using traditional methods carried a 50/50 risk, and even “successful” wells (oil or gas found) were often commercially impractical. That reality has changed over the past twenty years. Advancements in technology and geophysical studies have transformed soft speculation into real, hard science. The U.S. Department of Energy describes the recent triumphs of the oil and gas industry as “logic defying.” It’s not just about drilling fewer dry holes. New methods are extending the life of wells, allowing more reserves to be extracted and boosting economic returns. As a result, much broader group of investors […]

House versus God

This week’s episode of House MD pitted Dr. House against God or, to be more precise, the idea that God speaks and interacts with people. It is a topic very near and dear to my heart, and kept me on pins and needles, waiting to see how they would make the Christian look. As expected, the Christian is discounted as a liar and a fake. The Christian is Boyd, a fifteen year old boy who hears from God and heals people by laying his hands on them. During the middle of a church service (did anyone else notice how ugly […]

Thoughts on Einstein and Russell

It was some time between the end of my sophomore and junior year in college that I discovered how basic philosophy really is. I started off by reading Confessions by Augustine who, though not known primarily as a philosopher, asked some of the same probing questions of existence and self that I had mulled over for years. Augustine led me to Kant. Kant led me to Descartes. Descartes led me to Plato. Plato led me to Kierkegaard. Kierkegaard somehow drop-kicked me into Derrida. Derrida confused me until I retreated to Ellul. Ellul was kind of cozy. Hiedegger, Sartre, and Nietzsche […]

MySpace Takes over Social Networking

It’s official: MySpace is taking over the planet. Don’t look at me with that blank stare. You have to have known already it was true. The signs are all there. First off, I joined, and you know I don’t know about something until millions are already tired of it. Second, my mom joined (though she never uses it). Third, I am seeing almost as many parents of my friends on MySpace as I see friends my age. Fourth, pastors, pastors’ wives, elders, and other church leaders are joining up and taking advantage of MySpace’s networking power. It’s scary. MySpace is […]

SEO Tips Part One

Search Engine Optimization is a ballooning industry. There's no doubt about that. Every business needs to ensure that their website and other online marketing efforts function as effectively as possible. So many entrepreneurs have seen visions of the tidal wave of money to be made in the industry, and they jumped right in although they can barely dog-paddle. You can learn the same basic info that most SEO firms will tell you just by searching for "SEO tips" on Google. Many of them are afraid to let you know that because they want to be viewed as professionals with insider […]

is it true?

is it true you turn into something other than what I’ve known? is it true you become something new? is it true you’ll never be the same again? is it true you’ll become something beautiful? is it true you’ll forget the filth you leave behind? is it true? does everyone get to become new? i smell it in the air. Springtime holds Life’s magic energy. i feel it on my skin. the cool breeze mixing with a gentle sun. i hear it in your voice. you only sound like that when in love. it is true. everything can begin anew. […]