I really, really… keep… trying to publish something… ANYTHING… each day.

It’s like being restrained by an invisible muzzle. What did I do to deserve this? I think God’s answer would be something like, “I called you to be a spokesperson, and you keep getting in My way.”

Now, keep in mind that when I really start breaking things down it gets pretty confusing, so keep up.

It’s Not Me, Daniel – It’s Really Just You

Perhaps I’ve inserted my own paranoia and dubbed it with the voice of God. It’s easy to mistake my own opinion for God’s motivation. The process of hearing and knowing God is long and arduous, with no available short cuts.

When Lisa Barone points to another blogger and says, “Matt reminds me that everything we do and say matters and how important it is not to hold back,” I feel this slap burn across my cheek. She’s right, of course. Whether she intentionally Jedi-mind-trick-slapped me on purpose or not, Lisa obviously knows that I suck for wasting all these years blogging and not sharing more openly.

More recently, Seth Godin, in an interview with Brian Koppelman on The Moment podcast, urges all artists, writers, sculptors, and makers of sundry things to just go produce every single day. Without fail. And the idea isn’t that you will always create winning art. The point is that out of the dross you will have the makings of something valuable to share.

So when you come back to read whatever comes next on this site, just know that I now realize it won’t always be amazing and jaw dropping content. Big shocker that it is, I will continue to write despite the lack of polish.

So maybe there isn’t a divine muzzle

I’ve known too many people in the Church who wait on God, who attribute their lack of forward momentum to “God’s timing”, and who languish as underachievers in jobs they could do without. That’s not who I am. That’s not where I’m going. That’s not who I’m going to be. And I want you to be free from that too.

Not everyone is a writer, but there’s some way to apply this principle to your life. Today only comes once, and the opportunity to write and say something that matters for today is slipping away. And this is my moment to turn on the light and shine it on this opportunity. For both of us.

Let’s press in and do the daily work that gets no glory, that we don’t necessarily want to be judged by. It’s that very work that lays the tracks for the train of opportunity to arrive on.