I intended to renew my mind each and every day. And by “intended to”, I really mean “purposefully avoided.” It’s not that I don’t want the benefits of a renewed mind. Obviously I do. It’s that I don’t want to put in the work.

Or even more precise, I don’t want to sacrifice the time it takes to renew my mind. That’s precious downtime. More precious than gold, actually.


Bringing a friend to church as a means of evangelism is dead. It may work in something like 10% of cases. In other words, not often enough to rely upon old wineskins.

The most impactful evangelism is America is happening when signs and wonders accompany expressions of love.

People want to love God. The real God. They DON’T want to submit to a God of rules and pressures and guilt and uneventful circumstances. People are drawn to LIFE. Life that oozes the presence and power of God.

The new old evangelism is everyday people like you and me pulling someone aside in the grocery line or at Starbucks and sharing the secrets of their hearts. It’s healing their diseases. It’s getting a word of knowledge for the telemarketer you used to hang up on.

Ministry isn’t something you do every second of the day while living off someone else’s salary and generosity. It’s taking those fleeting moments of opportunity seriously and taking a single risk… over and over and over again.

It’s time for the Church, both individually and corporately, to step up to the plate. A couple years ago, I saw a picture in my imagination of Christians all across the Metroplex working shifts like EMTs, responding to car wrecks and other calamities, to lay hands on the injured and see them recover.

One of the ways we will win our cities for Jesus is to be on call where we are. Like citizens deputized to stand in their neighborhood and refuse the spread of death and harm and instead usher in an atmosphere of health, wellness, prosperity, and connectivity.

Imagine if Christians were more concerned about the emergencies happening in the world they drive by than in the position they have within a single building somewhere down the way…

Why don’t we have believers responding to every accident along with police and firemen? As first responders, how many victims might be healed? As last responders, how many demonstrations of power might we be able to bring into our communities?


As most of you know, we’ve had a vision for the next phase for a while now. It involves a bigger house on some land, and becoming a community hub where families come together to eat, swap recipes and health tips, and like-minded people call on the name of the Lord in worship and prayer.


This is a common discussion I find myself in whenever I meet a radical science proponent who believes faith has nothing to do with science. I just had this dialogue via IM, so I thought I’d share with you as an example.

DD: tell me how you know they’re (scientists) telling the truth. and you won’t be able to.