Idealism Wins Hearts, Not Elections

ХудожникХудожникListening to the Republican debates, I find myself agreeing time and time again with the answers provided by Ron Paul. But as I think through the issues, I am bogged down by the realization that no matter how “right” Ron Paul may be, he’s still just one person, and most federal decisions are not made by a single man or woman.

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Proclaimer of God's goodness. Daniel is an idealist reconnecting with God's purpose thru soil, compost, & changing seasons. It's his personal mission to savor sacred moments displayed thru Creation. #INFP

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  • He definitely wouldn’t compromise… his track record proves that. He doesn’t flip-flop like the others.

    Even if one person can’t change everything on their own, we have to stand for liberty anyway. And vote. At least we still have that right.

By Daniel

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