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Should You Hire A Ghostwriter to Write for Your Blog?

Someone I know recently asked a private group of bloggers the question:

When, if ever, is it appropriate to pay a ghostwriter to write for your blog?

There’s a really thought provoking article on Squawk about the subject. To summarize, there are at least three types of ghostwriters: A) people who put your ideas into their own words, B) people who take your disjointed words and form coherent ideas, and C) people who provide most of both words and ideas.


The Way I See The City

Every time I drive through an aging urban setting, I can’t help but think of all the farmland that once sprawled over hills, across the plains, and through the valleys. This fertile soil is now lost forever underneath asphalt and brick.

Authentic or Strategic Self?

It’s the million dollar question I’ve faced time and time again. Each time you step up to the plate to write, you have a question to answer: who am I going to be this time?


Obesity Isn’t What We Thought, And That Changes Everything

obesity in America over 20 years

I’m so excited about a book coming out by Dr. Alan Christianson. He has performed studies on obesity and concluded that unlike EVERYTHING we’ve been told, obsetiy is not an issue of character or laziness. It’s an issue of adrenal health and what your adrenals tell the rest of your body.


Success Is More About Doing Than Discovering

I’m not one of those “how to be a successful entrepreneur” bloggers, but I respect good advice in whatever form it comes across my path. I want and need to become a better person on many levels. So hat tip to Amy Porterfield for pointing out this quote from ProBlogger.com:

Success is more about DOING the ‘ordinary’ things you know you should do… than discovering the secrets you don’t yet…

– Darren Rowse